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Our health clubs offer more than just a gym. We understand that luxury fitness facilities are important to many of our members. That's why we provide spacious gyms with a sociable, open-plan layout that combines various types of training.

Our gyms feature large free weights areas, functional training zones, low-impact cardio equipment, and weight machines. With our wide range of equipment and expert personal trainers, you can mix up your workouts and stay motivated to achieve your goals.

Whether you want to improve your cardiovascular health, maintain a healthy weight, increase your physical strength, or simply enjoy a workout and feel good about yourself, a David Lloyd Clubs gym has everything you need and more.

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Gym facilities at David Lloyd Clubs

Our gyms are equipped with the latest, high-quality fitness equipment. We offer state-of-the-art Life Fitness machines that have interactive screens. Our treadmill selection includes the cutting-edge Woodway Curve treadmills. We also have Concept 2 rowing machines, Wattbikes, Octane Ellipticals, SkiErgs, and much more. Whether you are interested in cardio training, we have everything you need.

For those who prefer weight training, we have a wide range of options. Our collection of free weights and weight resistance machines will impress you. You can train with dumbbells, barbells, weight plates, and kettlebells suitable for all levels. Additionally, we provide industry-leading racks, benches, and lifting platforms. If you are new to strength training, our resistance machines are a perfect starting point as they put less stress on your body.

To add variety to your training routine, we offer functional training areas. You can boost your power by using a Plyobox, work your legs on our sled tracks, or enjoy a full-body workout using our Synrgy360 training frames and TRX straps. With these options, you can mix up your exercises and maximize your results.

Personal training at David Lloyd Clubs

In addition to our top-notch gym equipment, our gyms offer much more. Our expert Personal Trainers provide tailored 1-2-1 sessions to take your gym experience to the next level and keep you motivated towards your goals. We also have a wide range of group exercise classes led by our coaches, who use different equipment to keep participants engaged and energized. At David Lloyd Clubs, we also provide 1-2-1 and group training in the swimming pool. For more information, visit our Adult swimming lessons page.

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Family gym

At David Lloyd Clubs, we understand the challenges of balancing family time with exercise. That's why we offer a family-friendly approach that allows you to be together while staying healthy and active. Teenagers aged 16 and above have the freedom to use the gym without supervision. Our Fitness into Teens program is designed to help our younger members transition from structured and closely supervised activities to options that give them more independence to pursue their own fitness goals.

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Fitness Classes at David Lloyd Clubs

Fitness classes are a popular way to maintain fitness, improve health, and enhance overall well-being. David Lloyd Clubs offers a wide range of classes to choose from, making it the perfect place to engage in group exercise.

From high-intensity HIIT sessions and dynamic group cycling classes to the tranquility of yoga and the refreshing outdoor experience of our Battlebox, there is something for everyone. We even have aqua classes in the pool. Whatever your preference, you are bound to find a class that you will enjoy and continue attending.

By participating in these classes, you will not only discover new ways to exercise but also benefit from the increased motivation that comes from working out with others. Additionally, you may even make new friends along the way!

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