Enjoy the adrenaline rush of playing Padel, whether you're new to the game or an experienced player.

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Padel tennis courts

There are many reasons why people around the world are falling in love with Padel. This social racquets sport is quick to learn, simple to adapt to different fitness levels - and, most importantly, hugely enjoyable to play. It takes place on a smaller court than tennis, but the fast pace of the game means you can still get an excellent workout, and it's suitable for all the family to play together. At David Lloyd Clubs, we make it easy to enjoy Padel.

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Included in membership

If you join a David Lloyd Club that has Padel courts, the sport may be included in your membership, depending on which type you choose. If Padel is included in your membership, you'll be able to book courts using the David Lloyd Clubs app.

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Indoor Padel courts

Some clubs have indoor Padel courts, which means you can play all year round. These are framed in Perspex or wire, so you can bounce the ball off the sides of the court.

Outdoor Padel courts

At some clubs, we have outdoor Padel courts, giving you the chance to play in the fresh air. As with the indoor courts, these are framed in Perspex or wire for those squash-style wall shors (and to help prevent your ball from going astray!).

Getting started with Padel

Whether you're new to the game or want to brush up your skills, some clubs offer Padel social sessions. Often, these are divided into different experience levels, from beginner to advanced. The sessions are a great way to learn Padel and meet other members. You'll also find junior club sessions at some clubs, so our younger members can also pick up Padel.

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What equipment do I need?

Padel is played with solid bats that have holes rather than strings. The balls are essentially smaller, low-compression tennis balls - that means they're lighter, so the pace of play is usually faster. You can wear most types of sport shoe for Padel, but it's a good idea to choose a pair with decent grip on the soles.

Booking Padel tennis courts

It's simple to book Padel courts using the David Lloyd Clubs app, available to all members. Navigate to the 'book' section, select 'book a court' and then select Padel as the sport. You will then be able to see which times and dates are available, and make your selection.


Does booking a Padel court cost extra?

If Padel is available at your club and is included in your membership, there's no extra charge for booking a court.

Can I buy or rent Padel racquets and balls?

You can borrow Padel racquets and buy balls - just ask at your club's reception.

Which Clubs offer Padel?

We have Padel courts in the following Clubs: 

We currently have courts in: David Lloyd Acton Park, Bicester, Bristol Westbury, Bushey, Cheadle, Cheshire OaksChigwell, EastbourneEdinburgh Shawfair, Glasgow Rouken Glen, Harrogate, Manchester Trafford City, Nottingham West Bridgford, Poole, Raynes Park, Rugby and Southampton West End