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Stretch and mobility exercises to keep you moving at home

Hannah McGrath

After a stroke, moving more can really help your wellbeing and mood and can also help to reduce your risk of another stroke.

We’ve put together a selection of videos for people who are physically well recovered after a stroke, and want to stretch themselves a bit more. If you’re a carer, taking some time out for gentle stretching and mobility exercises can help you, too.

If you have any balance problems, hold on to a support such as a chair during standing activities.

Before trying out these activities:

These activities can help you move more, and improve your fitness and wellbeing. These videos don’t replace rehabilitation with a qualified therapist.

These videos may be suitable for you if you feel ready to get back into a group exercise activity. But before you do, make sure you know what movements are safe for you. If you’re not sure, please get individual advice from a therapist or doctor before starting.

For seated exercise and specialist stroke information visit the Stroke Association website

Low Intensity Chair Based Stretch & Mobility

Low Intensity Chair based conditioning

Videos on Demand for carers