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With everything from saunas and steam rooms with bespoke blends of aromatherapy, to tranquil outdoor spa gardens where you can bathe in the sunshine, David Lloyd Clubs’ spa facilities are the perfect place to take care of your body whilst enjoying some all-important headspace and ‘me time’.

Perfect for a post-workout relaxation session, some quiet time while the kids enjoy their swimming lessons, or even a full day of complete relaxation, our spas are all high-quality and built to provide you with a calming escape from the stresses of everyday life.

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Image of the outdoor spa garden at David Lloyd Royal Berkshire

Spa Gardens

We know that sometimes the weather is simply too good to miss out on, and there are days where no matter how luxurious the indoor spa facilities may be, you’d sooner be outside enjoying the sunshine. That’s why in a number of our clubs we’ve got outdoor spa facilities so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Our comfortable lounging beds, feature showers, hydro pools and saunas will provide the perfect spot to rest your mind and body on a stunning summer’s day. You can even punctuate your visit by enjoying lunch al fresco on our outdoor terrace spaces, or by enjoying a cooling swim in our lovely outdoor pools.

Find out more about our outdoor Spa Garden at David Lloyd Gava Mar

Spa membership

With spa facilities available in every club, our gyms with spa facilities let you take a break and find relaxation. And that's not all - you'll find everything everything you need to tend to your wellness under one roof: swimming pools, exercise classes, Clubrooms where you can relax and refuel, and even a creche service to care for the kids if needed.

Complement Your Workout

The beauty of choosing a health club with spa facilities is that you can upgrade your post-workout recovery routine.

Whether you've just had legs day in the gym, a fast-paced match on the tennis courts or a dynamic exercise class, simply stretch, shower and head to the spa. Both hot and cold therapy can speed up recovery from exercise and help prevent injuries. What's more, knowing you have a dip in the hydro pool or a sauna session to look forward to can give you that extra motivation while you're exercising.

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A topless man relaxing in a bubbling hydro pool
Image of the spa retreat at David Lloyd Chigwell

Take yourself away..


>Our state-of-the-art Spa Retreat destinations provide a calming environment and an extensive range of high quality spa facilities. With a number of spacious rooms, including superb heat rooms with aromatherapy that is bespoke to David Lloyd Clubs, our Spa Retreats are perfect, whether you are visiting us for a short, recuperative rest in the sauna after a workout, or are indulging in our full range of luxurious experiences.


Available at the following clubs: David Lloyd Gavà Mar and David Lloyd Zaragoza

Image of lady relaxing in the hydro pool at David Lloyd Chigwell

Benefits of using the spa

Time spent in the spa is a wonderful way to heal the body, soothe the mind and to switch off from the rigours of everyday life. 

Heat, Cool and Relax are the three guiding principles of the Spa journey we recommend. Head into the fierce warmth of a sauna or a steam room, which will stimulate circulation, open your pores to draw out dirt from your skin and soothe your joints and muscles. Steam rooms are also renowned for their health benefits they can bring, such as aiding minor respiratory problems and easing general aches and pains.

Once you’ve finished in your chosen heat room, refresh yourself under a cool shower – you’ll quickly feel invigorated and energised, while the cooling effect is also beneficial for circulation, skin tone and muscle recovery.

Spa overview

Spa time helps you take care of your well-being in different ways, from post-workout recovery to stress relief. At David Lloyd Clubs, we have a range of different spa facilities, depending on the club you choose, including:
  • Luxurious Spa Retreats
  • Tranquil Spa Gardens
  • Saunas
  • Steam rooms
  • Hydro pools
  • Bespoke David Lloyd Clubs aromatherapy blends
  • Sports massage